Get your kraut on! Sweet Farm Sauerkraut joins Oktoberfest 2016

June 6, 2016 / Food

There’s no ‘kraut’ about it – Oktoberfest 2016 is excited about this next announcement: Sweet Farm Sauerkraut is the official sauerkraut provider for this year’s event.


If you haven’t heard of Sweet Farm, you have been missing out! Sweet Farm Sauerkraut is a Frederick-based company offering a variety of naturally fermented krauts made with nothing but local and organic vegetables, sea salt, and spices. With an expanding line of kraut, pickles, mustard and ginger beer, Sweet Farm products are now available in many stores, restaurants and farmers markets in the Greater DC area.

And now they are adding Oktoberfest to their list of places to try their kraut!

“We’re thrilled that Oktoberfest was open to the partnership,” says Sweet Farm Founder, Rachel Armistead. “Frederick-made kraut at Frederick’s Oktoberfest just makes sense. And the way Jean-Louis [Oktoberfest Kitchen Guru] cooks it, with bacon and spices…it can’t be beat!”

Stay tuned for more information on Sweet Farm’s partnership with Oktoberfest over the next several months!

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