Shout Out #2 – Lee Building Maintenance

October 24, 2016 / News

It really does take a village to pull together and produce Frederick’s Oktoberfest – and part of our village is Lee Building Maintenance. Offering in-kind support, Lee Building Maintenance ensures our bathroom facilities stay clean and functional throughout Oktoberfest weekend. With thousands of participants every year and three days of events, this is no small job!

lee-building-clean-logoLee Building Maintenance offers it all to the greater Frederick community – from general office cleaning and maintenance to specialized care of sensitive equipment. Their technicians have experience in serving banks, retail stores, schools, medical facilities, places of worship, manufacturing facilities and more! With over 16 years of experience, Lee Building Maintenance is committed to providing excellent customer service and quality work. And trust us – we can vouch that they do just that!

Frederick’s Oktoberfest would like to thank Lee Building Maintenance for their support of our event. Without in-kind donors like Lee, we could not hold a successful event! Thank you, Lee Building Maintenance.

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