Growing Up with Oktoberfest

September 7, 2016 / News

The first year I experienced Oktoberfest, I was not happy about it. My dad volunteered me to work in the food line with some of his Rotarian friends and as a twelve year old, I could think of a lot of others things I would rather be doing with my time. Little did I know that over the next ten years, this event would change the entire course of my life.

I became a manager at fifteen. I was so excited to run the one pretzel stand we had inside the Fest Hall. Fast-forward another few years, and my involvement continues to increase. I now oversee all the secondary food at the event, and spend much of the year developing and planning with other committee members. These experiences have not only given me a foundation on which to begin my career in event planning, but also provided me with limitless networking opportunities within the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek and other Rotary clubs in Maryland.

The Frederick Oktoberfest event has thrived under the management of a couple Rotary clubs in Frederick County, and the event continues to grow in new ways each year.

Before working with the Frederick Oktoberfest, I didn’t know much about Rotary. After a couple years of volunteering, I became much more involved in the world of service. I started:

·       II helped start the first TJ Interact club and served as President of Interact.

·       I established a community-based Rotaract club with the Rotary Club of Towsontowne.

·       I served as a group leader for the District 7620 high school Rotary Youth Leadership Awards conference

·       I attended the RYLA North America conference with hundreds of delegates my age from 45 different countries.

·       And finally, after over a decade of involvement with Rotary, I’m being inducted into the Rotary Club of Towsontowne, where I will hold dual membership with Rotaract and Rotary.

I’ll be back at Oktoberfest this year, it’s the foundation of my career. I’ll take all that I’ve learned working and volunteering at this event and be putting it to good use at other projects and fundraisers. Thank you Rotary Club of Carroll Creek for giving me the opportunity to serve!

Guest Post by Kathleen McAdam

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